The accepted knowledge is that Diabetes destroys gradually over years. Ketosis Prone Type 2 diabetes is an acute form of type 2. This type 2 can reach fasting blood sugars of 300 or higher in months. This blog brings together all the documentation that I could find in the world and my speculation of what it means for KPD’s in specific and diabetics in general. I ask you to leave your stories about what happened to you so that we can all gain a better understanding of what we are dealing with.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Being type 1 then type 2 only part of the story or deadly, common and dangerous

There are 4 classifications of KPD's. We are classified by antibodies and beta cell functioning (c-peptide).
The majority of us are Antibody negative and Beta cell positive (c-pep >.9) ..... A-B+
The others are: Antibody positive and Beta cell positive ......A+B+
Antibody positive and Beta cell negative ......A+B-
Antibody negative and Beta cell negative ......A-B-

You can see how wild this gets LADA's would be part of the A+ groups and a type 1's would be part of the B- groups. Type 2's are the B+ groups. You can understand why someone with poor to no insulin secretion might go DKA but how do you explain DKA with normal insulin secretion?

The really ugly part is that this tends to be newly diagnosed and sadly the DKA can return quickly.

Yep, deadly and common and most of you who have it, have no idea of your danger.

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