The accepted knowledge is that Diabetes destroys gradually over years. Ketosis Prone Type 2 diabetes is an acute form of type 2. This type 2 can reach fasting blood sugars of 300 or higher in months. This blog brings together all the documentation that I could find in the world and my speculation of what it means for KPD’s in specific and diabetics in general. I ask you to leave your stories about what happened to you so that we can all gain a better understanding of what we are dealing with.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recognition for KPT2D

It’s been a bit of a while since I wrote on this blog. It isn’t that I’ve lost interest but it seems as if the world has. I continually monitor for papers on it but there really isn’t much.

I have taken the view that this blog is not personal but is a way of gathering as much scientific and medical information as possible on KPD so that sufferers and their friends and family will have a source to explore and maybe gain hope or understanding.

I present this information in this light. This is from the Diabetes in Control Mastery Series. It is based on the work of researchers out of Athens, Greece. The book is about diabetic emergencies but it takes the time to illuminate KPD because of its recognition as a large component in the rising rate of DKA worldwide.

There isn’t one word here that you won’t find in this blog. It is, however, important, that we get recognition anyway we can. This sort of thing, hopefully, will bring more money and more research.