The accepted knowledge is that Diabetes destroys gradually over years. Ketosis Prone Type 2 diabetes is an acute form of type 2. This type 2 can reach fasting blood sugars of 300 or higher in months. This blog brings together all the documentation that I could find in the world and my speculation of what it means for KPD’s in specific and diabetics in general. I ask you to leave your stories about what happened to you so that we can all gain a better understanding of what we are dealing with.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diabetes - The gift that keeps on giving

I'm on the Diabetes Forum and I would recommend this site to anyone, especially those who are new to diabetes. There is a intro section to the forum and inevitably the person will be distraught with a sense that their life is over.

As far as I know, Ketosis-Prone Type 2 is a silent killer. It lives quietly in the background unraveling your life thread by thread. You might have slightly high blood pressure, be a bit overweight, have a bit of cholesterol, virtually nothing that the average American doesn't have. What you don't know is that the life that you were planning is not going to happen. The children and the grandchildren are not going to part of your life. Those magic moments that you look towards ain't going to happen. You are traveling a different road and you won't know it until you're staring from a hospital bed watching your destination recede.

That is unless, of course, you get diabetes. This is me. I was tooling along pretty good even with the thought that I come from a short-lived family. Nearly sixty and headed to seventy, I thought I was doing everything right and I would get through. Diabetes changed that.

Everything that I thought was the case was wrong. I needed a serious change in diet, one that reduced my dearly loved carbohydrates. I needed to see what my blood sugar was doing so that I could control it. I needed to have my eyes opened so that I would learn more about my metabolism and how I existed in the world. Things were going on beneath my notice but no more. I'm a diabetic and the blinders are off.

I've got a chance now for those moments. My life, that I surely would have lost shortly, now is on the road that I envisioned. I get to do something that people in my family rarely do. I get to be old. Who do I have to thank for this: Diabetes, the gift that keeps on giving.


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